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Air Roasted Coffee

Air Roasted Coffee brings out the flavor of the bean with suspended roasting methods. Hot air roasting creates a cleaner, more aromatic roast with less bitter tasting beans. Check out the top selling Air Roasted Coffees.

Top 12 Best Air Roasted Coffees Reviewed

What is Air Roasted Coffee?


Top Characteristics of Air Roasted Coffee

Coffee roasting is the application of heat to coffee beans in order to create chemical reactions. The complex aromatic and flavor components of the bean are developed.  The goal is to achieve a delicate balance of flavor, acidity, body, and aroma that is both harmonious and intriguing. The most important thing to begin with is the best green coffee available. The quality of a cup of coffee is directly linked to the quality of the green coffee from which it was roasted and brewed.

Convection roasters elevate each bean on a bed of hot air, which improves the coffee’s quality and flavor. Roasting removes the outer husk of the bean, or chaff, before it’s developed. As the bean expands, chaff is blown off the bean before the bean goes to the next step.

Coffee is traditionally roasted in a steel drum with the beans tumbling against the hot metal interior. The contents of the drum sometimes  catch fire if the chaff settles on the bottom. This creates the burnt, bitter taste. These same carcinogens leave you with a sour feeling in your stomach and that jittery feeling sometimes associated with drinking too much coffee.

The chaff is removed in air roasting as the beans float on air, roasting evenly on all sides and guaranteeing a clean, consistent roast every time.


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