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Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a premium small-batch, roast to order, veteran owned and operated coffee company. They import high quality coffee beans directly from Colombia & Brazil, and personally blend and roast every one of their ass kicking coffees.  Check out our Favorite Top Rated Black Rifle Coffees below.


 Best Black Rifle Coffee Products

Bestseller No. 7
Wild Coffee, Whole Bean Organic Coffee, Fair Trade, Single-Origin, 100% Arabica, Austin Fresh Roasted (Lonestar Decaf, 12 ounce)
277 Reviews
Wild Coffee, Whole Bean Organic Coffee, Fair Trade, Single-Origin, 100% Arabica, Austin Fresh Roasted (Lonestar Decaf, 12 ounce)
  • Wild Coffee is fresh roasted locally in Austin, Texas. It is hand-roasted, hand-delivered and shipped out while extremely fresh. The aroma and the natural oils still in the beans will showcase the difference that is artisan fresh-roasted Wild Coffee.
  • Fresh Roasted Certified Fair Trade, Organic, Single-Origin Arabica: You will taste and feel the difference! Your Wild Coffee purchase Fair Trade and Organic Certified Coffee gives farmers better prices for quality products that improve their lives and protect the environment while producing a product that is better for you in every way.
  • Embracing The Power of Wild Nutrition, Wild Coffee is certified Healthy and Delicious! Wild Coffee is High-Performance Coffee that blends perfectly with pastured butter and Wild MCT oil to create a wonderful morning butter brew! Or drink it using the easy to brew cold brew method for the smoothest coffee you've ever had.
  • Wild Coffee is fresh roasted, which means it has a strong coffee aroma and the natural coffee oils still intact. The beans have not dried out and gone stale the way most mass-produced coffee does. You get all the flavor, aroma and benefit you'd expect from such a premium product. This ain't your grandma's supermarket coffee: Wild Coffee is for individuals that want the best!
  • 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee. If You Aren't Fully Happy For Any Reason You Get A Full Refund No-Questions-Asked!

Top 10 Benefits of Black Rifle Coffee

Coffee is by far the most consumed drink in the world. There are various types of coffee that are admired by the coffee lovers, one of them is the black rifle coffee. It has an intense aroma and the flavor is strong and roasted, but not bitter. If you are assuming about its benefits, have a look at the list of them given below.

1. Enhances Energy Levels

Consuming black rifle coffee in the morning helps in absorbing caffeine in the bloodstream and travel to the brain where it blocks adenosine. Adenosine promotes sleep and suppresses arousal. Black rifle coffee even stimulates the production of dopamine and norepinephrine that enhances the energy levels.

2. Prevents Diabetes

A total of 18 studies proved that drinking a cup of black rifle coffee regularly reduces the chances of diabetes by 7%. Black rifle coffee helps in preventing diabetes by enhancing the production of insulin.

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Black rifle coffee increases the blood pressure by 3-4mm/Hg but this small effect diminishes over time if you are a regular drinker. It reduces the risk of stroke, heart failure, and other cardiovascular diseases. Also, research proved that there is a 20% reduced risk of stroke in black rifle coffee drinkers.

4. Healthy for Liver

The liver has the most significant functions in the body, thus it’s important to take care of your organs. Black rifle coffee helps the liver by reducing the levels of hazardous liver enzymes in the blood. Black coffee further reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, liver cancer, and hepatitis.

5. Top Source of Antioxidants

Coffee is assumed the healthiest beverage as it is the powerhouse of antioxidants. Black rifle coffee consists of vitamin B2, B5, B3, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and much more. It helps in fighting against the free radicals and protects the body from various diseases.

6. Reduces Depression

A study conducted by Harvard proved that drinking black rifle coffee causes 20% reduced risk of depression. It stimulates the central nervous system and enhances the production of noradrenaline, dopamine, and serotonin that ultimately reduces depression and helps in elevating the mood.

7. Protect the Retinal Cells

A study conducted by Cornell University showed that black rifle coffee consists of chlorogenic acid that reduces the death of the retinal cells stimulated by oxidative stress or hypoxia. It further prevents macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.

8. Halt Cavities

A study portrayed that people drinking more than three cups of black rifle coffee per day has the minimum amount of cavities and other dental problems. Although sweets, diet, and brushing were taken into consideration in the study.

9. Makes you Mentally Active

Consuming black rifle coffee in the morning enhances the functioning of the brain. It helps in boosting the memory and keep you mentally active for the whole day. Also, it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s by 65%

10. Good for Skin

Research showed that women who drink 3 cups of black rifle coffee every day have the lowest risk of skin cancer. Black coffee even prevents red patches and open sores.

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