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We love our Coffee and many of us choose whole bean coffees so we can grind at home and brew a fresh cup.  Check out our selection of top rated Coffee Grinders below.


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Top 5 Benefits of Coffee Grinder

Every coffee lover in the world admires fresh coffee and desires to gain access to the special flavor of the coffee beans. A great cup of coffee is only produced when the coffee beans are grounded for a few minutes before brewing with the help of a coffee grinder as it exposes the strong flavors and aromas concentrated within the coffee beans. Thus, it is ultimate to invest in a coffee grinder if you want to produce a cup of premium quality coffee.

There are two types of coffee grinder available in the market that includes the burr grinder and the blade grinder. the blade coffee grinder is less expensive and produces inconsistent grind sizes, however, the burr one comes with a heavy price tag and provides consistent grind sizes of coffee beans.

1. Consistent Grinding

The coffee ground size is an important factor because it determines the dissolving rate. The burr coffee grinder producing consistent grind size makes it easier as they dissolve at the same rate and maintain the volatile flavor of coffee. But, the blade coffee grinder does not uniformly crush the coffee beans and the rise in temperature due to their speedy spinning system impairs the flavor of coffee.

2. Comparatively Healthy

The coffee beans that are freshly grounded does not stimulate the production of excess stomach acid. Therefore, if you have a problem of acid reflux, you better have a cup of coffee with freshly grounded coffee beans with the help of a coffee grinder.

3. Travel Companion

There are two types of burr coffee grinder including, electrical and manual or hand coffee grinder. If you love to travel equally how much you love coffee, you better carry your hand coffee grinder. You can make your own coffee anywhere you want, also, it saves your money that you would probably spend on purchasing expensive coffee cups from various café.

Hand coffee grinders are usually less expensive than the electrical one, but they offer the same quality and flavor of coffee. Also, the hand-cranked coffee grinder is portable that makes it an ideal travel companion and allows the coffee lovers to enjoy both the coffee and adventure together.

4. Sound Level

Electrical grinders are ten times noisier as compared to the hand grinders. Therefore, if loud noise bothers you a lot, you should get your hands on a less expensive hand coffee grinder. If you are a morning person at your home where everyone loves to wake up late, you can easily grind your coffee beans with a hand coffee grinder because it barely makes any noise and enjoys your coffee in the morning.

5. Preserves the Flavor

Coffee grinders never fail to preserve the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans. But, there are some factors associated with various grinders such as the electrical coffee grinder crushes the coffee beans at high speed that results in friction that ultimately enhances the temperature of the coffee and slightly changes the flavor, whereas the manual coffee grinders produce better tasting cups of coffee as they don’t heat up the coffee beans while grinding.


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