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Cold Brew Coffee

You might get hooked the first time you try a cold brew coffee with it’s deeper, less acidic and more subtle taste compared to a fresh brew. Thanks to modern chemistry we love the cold brews for their smooth, rich taste- great for those suffering from acid reflux. What better way to get your caffeine fix on a warm day!

Need to Brew you Coffee Cold?

The unknown fact about a cold brew coffee is that it is exceptionally good in taste with increased demand and growth in sales at an exponential level. Around 60% of youth in America prefer fusion with their coffee beverages. Importance to brew the coffee cold can be proved by:

1. Weight Loss

Cold brew coffee has a high level of caffeine content which makes it a good catalyst to lose unhealthy fats in your body. A cup of cold coffee after a workout session will have a positive impact on burning extra calories which are not necessary for you.

2. Anti-aging Effects

If you consume a cold brew coffee every day, there is a higher probability that you will stay young for a longer time. The anti-oxidants present in the coffee guard your skin against damaging elements in the air and UV rays from the sun. All these factors aid in making your skin look youthful and moisturized.

3. Acidity Issues

Coffee like regular drip and espresso is not so merciful on some people’s stomach. They fall into the trap of acidity problems. Cold brew coffee does not have an acidic effect on our health with 65% or less content producing acidity and can be used without any fear of acidity concerns.

4. Best Diet Options

Many people struggle from dieting issues because they have a habit of consuming coffee with at least two sugar packets with milk or cream. It gets worse if you have a couple of coffee mugs in a day. Nitro cold brew coffee is a great substitute in this respect as it has natural sugar flavors and only five calories in one serving.

5. Brain Function

Cold brew coffee has a refreshing taste and a great start for your day. It is very useful for development and aid in a lot of development functions in our body. Cold brew coffee prevents the problem of hypertension and increased blood sugar as well.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Beans

Review our top hand-picked Cold Brew Coffee Beans

1. High Brew Creamy Cappuccino

The drink is amazingly creamy given the fat contain be 1.5 grams as per the description. It is the first choice for your morning drink as it gives you the extra proteins to go through with your day. The taste of the coffee is satisfying without any traces of bitterness and tangy flavor of conventional coffee.

The texture of the coffee is smooth and thick without any grains of protein powder which makes the coffee more favorable drink. The 8 ounces can is normally equivalent to two cups of your traditional coffee. It is mildly sweet so you don’t have to add any sugar or additives to enhance the taste.

2. Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee

This coffee has a mild taste of spices like chicory and spices. The taste of the coffee is divine but it is certainly a little expensive compared to other brands of the coffee. The cold brew coffee is a great mood lifter and increases your mental performance throughout the day.

Each bag makes 24 cups of brew coffee if used in normal proportions. You can also brew the coffee and keep it for at least three days in your fridge without spoiling it. This cold brew coffee has become the first choice for youngsters. They prefer to have this cold brew coffee at home instead of going to a coffee shop and spend money on coffee which is not better in taste in comparison.

3. Hugo Coffee | Dog Daze Cold Brew, Coarse Ground

Dog lovers will be thrilled to use this cold brew coffee. The pertinent step taken by the owners of the product is that they donate a percentage of the profits to the Animal Society for saving the stray dog. The taste of the coffee is creamy and celestial. It has rich aromas with lower levels of acidity.

This coffee is a savior for your stomach problems. Some of the pros include that the philanthropist approach to saving dogs, uses only ethically sourced coffee beans and the company has exceptional customer service. On the contrary, it has some negative aspects as well as the taste of the coffee is not as strong as an actual coffee and goes decayed very fast.

4. Cold Brew Coffee By Chloë Callow

This is a great book for preparing cocktails for your parties or adding spice in a single cup for yourself in a peaceful evening. The writer is a coffee lover and has supplemented a spice in her book with bonus recipes at the end.

The reader’s review suggests that it has great presentation and is easily understandable language. It consists of different arrays of desserts and mocktails made from the cold brew coffee. The book is an amazing start for getting to know about the method of cold brew coffee to becoming an expert by following step by step techniques.


Cold Brew coffee is one of the options to go for the coffee lovers looking for a healthy supplement of coffee. It does not only provides you the energy to spend your day properly but also keeps your blood pressure and stomach problems in check as well.

The changing trend of cold brew coffee is the first choice of the young generation growing at an exponential rate.  So, ditch your traditional cup of coffee and go for a pitcher of cold brew coffee to add pleasure and flavor in your life.



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