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Cuban Coffee

Cuba has been growing coffee for more than two centuries.  Cubans grow fine Arabica coffee plant varietals.  Cuba coffee is generally a strong coffee with a very strong taste. The traditional Cuban coffee is Dark Roasted, finely ground, and prepared espresso style using an espresso machine or moka pot.


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Top 10  Interesting facts about Cuban Coffee

Cuba has been growing coffee crops for more than two hundred years. It is popularly known due to its dark and bitter taste. Some interesting facts about coffee from this part of the world are discussed below:

1. History of Cuban Coffee

Cuba was introduced to the idea of coffee growing in the 1700’s and by 1790 it had become the lead exporter of coffee to Spain. Cuba’s coffee production improved even further when French farmers fled their country to settle in Cuba.

2. Traditional Cuban Coffee

Since the Cuban coffee is generally known for its strong taste and color, its serving style is quite traditional. It is served dark roasted, finely ground, and prepared by the espresso style method. The use of an espresso machine or a traditional equipment known as a Moka pot is preferred.

3. Coffee growing regions

The Cubans grow their coffee on the East side of the country in the Sierra Maestra mountains. The climate is extremely favorable in this region with fertile, reddish-brown soils which are further enriched with hummus which allows coffee cultivation without using any chemical fertilizers.

4. Cuban Coffee Handpicked

Cubans finish off their harvesting season by handpicking the coffee beans. This is quite an amazing feat considering that most of the coffee crops grow on steep hillsides. These are then carried by mules and farmers to areas where they are kept for drying purposes.

5. Market difficulties for coffee in Cuba

Cuba is known for its excessive rainfalls resulting in droughts and poor road conditions. These conditions become a disadvantage for laborers on the coffee farms as the transport and processing methods are obsolete now. The United States did not allow coffee beans from Cuba to be imported until in 2016, President Barack Obama lifted the ban.

6. Cuban Coffee industry in the United States

Cuban coffee industry is popular in the United States because of the Cuban-Americans residing there. Coffee sales exceeded sugar sales in the 1820s and it went up to 20,000 metric tons of production in 1950s.

7. Unique taste

Cuban coffee has a unique taste which is due to the espresso emitting heat and causing hydrolysis of sucrose that results in a sweet taste.

8. Social Importance of Cuban Coffee

Cuban has integrated its coffee into its social life. Nocturnal gatherings serve this drink abundantly. Four to six shots are served in small demitasse cups known as colada and then shared amongst one another.

9. Cigar and Coffee

The Cubans are very fond of their cigars, the tip of which they dip in the bottom of their demitasse cups and they are lit.

10. Future of Cuban Coffee

It is expected that Cuban coffee demands will increase in the next five years which will be good for the country’s economy. Before this improvement takes place, it should also be seen that coffee plant matures in Cuba. Happy Reading!

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