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Ecuadorian Coffee

Coffee was introduced as a crop in 1860 when plantations were first established in the coastal Manabí Province in the Jipijapa Zone. Ecuador became famous for growing beans that made great instant coffee, still a staple in many Ecuadorian households. While large plantations still exist, recent coffee production is turning to smaller, family run farms and specialty beans.

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Top 10 Facts about Ecuadorian Coffee

Historically, coffee beans were introduced in Ecuador in 1860. After the initiation of foreign trade and commerce in this country, coffee production gained the significant interest of the government and was improved and encouraged. Some unique facts about coffee production in this region are discussed below:

1. Ecuadorian Coffee taste specialty

Ecuadorian coffee has a medium body and quite a predictable flavor. Its taste does not vary too much from the other South American and Central American coffee varieties. It also tends to be quite acidic in nature.

2. Grower of both varieties of Coffee

Ecuador enjoys the high status of being one of those only 15 countries that have the capacity to grow and export both Arabica and Robusta coffee. These two are the two main coffee varieties grown and consumed worldwide.

3. Growing coffee in unconventional locations

It is believed that coffee can only be grown at high altitudes, but Ecuador has grown its coffee along the coastlines, the low lying Amazon basins, and even on the Galapagos Islands.

4. Starbucks specialty Reserve program

Starbucks sells a specialty reserve coffee which originates from the San Cristobal island. The combination of the rich volcanic soil and cool winds grows high-quality coffee crops.

5. Improved production

In recent years, organic farmers have taken up better agricultural practices and technology. This has led to a surge of coffee production, processing, drying and most importantly storing these beans.

6. Local Specialty Roasters

The most promising event in coffee production in Ecuador is the fact that producers have started taking charge of roasting their own coffee instead of sending it overseas. They have employed the use of new machines for roasting after which these beans are sold in major cities.

7. Cafes in Ecuador

Coffee shops and Cafes are the new trend in Ecuador which serve perfect frothing cappuccinos. These brew bars and coffee shops have employed all the best coffee equipment for consumption.

8. Barista Competition

Another exciting new trend is the competitive spirit amongst Baristas. Ecuador has started hosting the National Barista championship in which baristas from all over the country enthusiastically participate and offer information pertaining to their coffee beans. They try their best to seek more knowledge and gain more experience by competing against and observing their counterparts.

9. Ecuadorian Coffee equipment

Ecuadorians use a coffee cloth filter called Chucho which is named due to the shape it makes when coffee is filtered out. It can be bought for approximately 2 dollars and is lightweight, portable, cheap and easy to clean, which makes it ideal to carry while traveling.

10. Coffee Essence

Esencia de café is a coffee specialty which is widely consumed in Ecuador. It is a deep dark liquid with thick consistency which is poured into a cup of hot milk and then consumed. It can be more easily be described as a syrup-like liquid which is made by brewing coffee beans. Different brewers use different ways to make this essence.

Ecuadorian coffee enjoys the status of being a major export of its country and enjoyed all throughout the world. This puts it up with all the main coffee producers of the world.

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