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El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador produces some very good coffee. Bourbon varietal coffees with a balanced, classic “Central” profile, which is a good alternative to Brazil as a base for espresso is at one end of the spectrum.  Pacamara varietal coffees are their opposite, quirky and full of character. High altitudes and good, dense traditional varietals are a factor in the quality of El Salvador coffees. The country also produces an abundance of lower altitude grown coffee average cup quality.

Top 12 Best El Salvador Coffees Reviewed

SaleBestseller No. 2
Teasia Coffee, El Salvador Roasted Whole Bean, Medium Fresh Roast, 2-Pound Bag
55 Reviews
Teasia Coffee, El Salvador Roasted Whole Bean, Medium Fresh Roast, 2-Pound Bag
  • SINGLE ORIGIN - 100% EL SALVADOR COFFEE: Grown in volcanic soils high in the mountains of El Salvador, most of these beans tend to be softer and exhibit less acidity than typical Central American beans. However, ours are of the Bourbon variety and are known for a more complex flavor and aroma - these beans grow slower (higher altitude) allowing them more time to absorb nutrients and develop the best possible flavor.
  • CUPPING NOTES: Gentle acidity and balanced body with the honey-like sweetness of caramel and fruity aromas of apple and lime.
  • PROCESSING AND ROAST LEVEL: Beans are wet-processed (or washed), where the fruit covering the beans is removed before they are dried, to ensure a clean taste and bright acidity. Our El Salvador beans are then given a Medium roast by one of Teasia's artisanal roasters.
  • FRESH SPECIALTY ROASTED COFFEE: We roast all our beans in small batches using the most advanced (and environmentally friendly) technology available to develop the unique characteristics and flavor profiles of each coffee bean. All freshly roasted beans are packed and sealed within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness and quality.
  • STORAGE AND BREWING: To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, we recommend they be stored in an air-tight container (or very tightly seal the bag it comes in), and keep it at room temperature. Avoid light to compromise the taste of your coffee, keep them in a dark and cool location. For best results, we recommend grinding your Teasia coffee no more than 15 minutes prior to brewing!
SaleBestseller No. 3
Caribou Coffee, Mahogany Dark Roast, 20 oz. Bag, Dark Roast Blend of El Salvador, Sumatra, & Guatemala Coffee Beans, Earthy, Dark, & Bold, with A Raw Sugar Finish, Arabica Coffee; Sustainable Sourcing
281 Reviews
Caribou Coffee, Mahogany Dark Roast, 20 oz. Bag, Dark Roast Blend of El Salvador, Sumatra, & Guatemala Coffee Beans, Earthy, Dark, & Bold, with A Raw Sugar Finish, Arabica Coffee; Sustainable Sourcing
  • BLENDS FOR ALL TASTE: Start the morning with our light breakfast blend, Daybreak, with a sweet caramel & nut finish. Take a break with flavorful Vanilla Hazelnut Dreamstate or Chocolate Wonder. Make the final mug of the day in our Caribou Blend in Decaf.
  • COFFEE BREWS COMMUNITY: Drinking coffee is social: buying sustainably sourced coffee beans, brewing a pot for breakfast, dunking cookies with friends in cafes. Caribou Coffee roasts a variety of blends, from flavored coffee to classics like French Roast.
  • BREW YOUR BEST: Brewing the best cup of coffee for your household starts with finding your favorite roast, blend or flavor. Whole beans or ground coffee, dark, medium or light, single origin or a blend? Try a variety & find the best brew for the morning.
  • RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED: Caribou Coffee works hard to roast the best quality coffee, sourcing coffee beans ethically & sustainably. Every Caribou Coffee is Rainforest Alliance Certified, so each cup of coffee is a thoughtful choice. Sip responsibly.
  • COMPARE WITH: Eight O'clock, Vitascope, illy, Folgers, Organic Coffee Co., Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Koffee Kult, Copper Moon, Community Coffee, Kauai Coffee, Kicking Horse Coffee, Ethical Bean Coffee, Don Tomas Coffee, Caza Trail Coffee, Hygge Coffee Co.
Bestseller No. 6
Whole Bean Coffee Strong Dark Roast Espresso Coffee - 1 lb Gourmet Single Origin Coffee - Koffee Cartel El Capo Blend
59 Reviews
Whole Bean Coffee Strong Dark Roast Espresso Coffee - 1 lb Gourmet Single Origin Coffee - Koffee Cartel El Capo Blend
  • BEST TASTE, INTENSE AROMA - Fresh roasted Arabica beans offer a rich, delicious dark roast coffee experience full of unforgettable deep chocolate, nutty and floral tasting notes. Preferred over Lavazza, Koffee Kult, Peet's, Kicking Horse, Death Wish & Jungle Coffee in blind taste tests.
  • SMALL BATCH, FRESH ROAST - All of our coffee is fresh-roasted in micro-batches to ensure that you get some of the world's best coffee and crop-to-cup experience.Make the switch from Robusta Coffee and taste the difference for yourself you will not be disappointed.
  • BLIND TASTE TESTED - Independent Baristas prefer our gourmet whole bean dark roast 9/10 times over market leading Costa Rican, Columbian and Brazilian coffee brands in independent test. Try it today, we guarantee you'll love it!
  • BEST ARTISAN COFFEE EXPERIENCE - Koffee Cartel works directly with coffee plantations, that produce these amazing coffee beans. We only source our coffee from our family and friends in El Salvador, that take great care during the cultivation process, to select the best quality beans. HAND-SELECTED Coffee Beans - from El Salvador, our dark roast Arabica coffee beans are exceptionally smooth with a powerful heavy body.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Koffee Cartel believes in giving back to the coffee communities in El Salvador that have been affected by the MS 13 Gang by allocating a percentage of all sales to help bring clean water and health services.

Top 10 facts about El Salvador Coffee

Coffee production in El Salvador has been shaping the country’s economy for over a century. It started in the 19th century and has been a major source of export and income for the country. On an annual basis, it is responsible for about 50% of the country’s revenue. Some unique facts about coffee production in this country have been enlisted below:

1. Self-sustainable coffee production

El Salvador boasts of the fact that it has been self-sustaining in its coffee production all throughout the years. It has relied on its own self and has never sought technical, agricultural or any other sort of help from an external source.

2. El Salvador coffee taste profile

El Salvador coffee is known for its good body, average flavor, and acidity. It has a sweet and fruity, floral and spicy aroma. Its taste ranges from the honey like sweet, chocolatey and tangerine like citrus.

3. Used in coffee blends

El Salvador coffee is ideal to be used in coffee blends. This use has been adopted due to this coffee’s ability to appear smoother and have a honey-like sweetness.

4. El Salvador coffee varietals

El Salvador grows a variety of coffee plants such as; Pacarama which a hybrid variety, Bourbon, Caturra and a new plant variety gaining fame known as Geisha.

5. Highest Grade of El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador grows an extremely high grade of coffee which is grown at special conditions. These conditions of 900 to 1200 feet altitude are known as Strictly grown conditions and are responsible for the slow growth of coffee which results in an exceptional flavor.

6. Green coffee production

In the recent years, El Salvador has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest producers of gourmet, single-origin Arabica coffee. This green coffee is then sold to dealers in the United States and Canada.

7. Green Coffee processing

Green coffee beans are first washed and then semi-washed for the second time in which the mucilage and residue are removed with machines and minimal water. This processing produces a sweeter variety of coffee.

8. Organic and Shade-grown coffee

El Salvador has adopted organic coffee farming for long. It has also encouraged growing other shade-providing trees in the same vicinity as the coffee plants. It also provides good compost material for these coffee plants and helps in their nourishment.

9. El Salvador Coffee brands

Most El Salvador coffee brands are sold through typical supply chains. The roasters buy the beans from an exporter within the country. These roasters are typically based in the United States and Canada from where it is sold to the rest of the consumers.

10. El Salvador coffee brewing tips

The El Salvadorians are extremely specific about their coffee brewing. They are known to make a special beverage known as cascara latte which is made from the coffee cherry which surrounds the bean.

El Salvador coffee has made its mark in the world due to its unique features. It is responsible for an increase in export revenue and that is why the government has taken a keen interest in its production.

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