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Ethiopian Coffee


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. The regal coffees from this country are deserving of such a heritage and stand up to the calling. Referring to Ethiopia as a country of single origin, however, is misleading. Coffees from the different growing regions vary so incredibly that they do not even seem to be from the same planet!


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Top 5 Facts about Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee is drunk in almost all parts of the world and coffee lovers can be found everywhere. This article is going to tell you about the origin of the coffee. If we call Ethiopia the motherland of coffee it won’t be wrong. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Ethiopian coffee.

1. Background

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia started trading in coffee in 2008. The flavor characteristics of this coffee are brightly fruited in floral. This coffee is mostly consumed by the domestic population. It is also a part of Ethiopian tradition because Ethiopian people just love coffee and are greatest coffee drinkers.

Ethiopia produces the best coffee because Ethiopian environment is best for coffee production. No extra conditions are required here to grow coffee unlike other parts of the world where farmers have to do a lot of hard work to provide coffee with the most suitable environment.

2. Cultivation

The coffee in Ethiopia is grown in dark forests which are also the origin of the coffee. It was first discovered in a forest Kafa because of which coffee is named so. In these forests, coffee is happily grown in the company of many other trees, for example, Pepper trees, bamboo trees, and cardamom trees.

Coffee is one of the main cultivations of the country and adds much to the economy of Ethiopia. First of all, Ethiopia started exporting coffee to Yemen and later to the entire world. Almost everyone in Ethiopia has their small plots of coffee.

3. Discovery

The most abundant coffee forests of Ethiopia are Arabica forests. Another unique feature is that coffee plants are freely growing everywhere in Ethiopia. An Ethiopian historian tells how coffee was discovered. A shepherd smelled coffee in the breath of goats. He followed the route of its goats and discovered the coffee plant for the very first time in Ethiopia. The name of the shepherd was Kalli. First of all, he took coffee leaves and boiled them in water. This is how he discovered a unique taste of coffee. Then after a certain time, the beans of coffee were discovered and this culture evolved.

4. The culture of drinking Ethiopian coffee in traditional glasses

People and tourists in Ethiopia stand side by side to drink coffee in traditional small glasses which are used to drink coffee and it represents the uniqueness of the place of the origin of coffee. It’s a must try for every coffee lover.

5. Tasting Notes

In south Ethiopia, coffee beans with a rich mouthfeel and bright finish are produced whereas Sidamo green coffee beans are far less expensive than their Yirgacheffe counterparts. Eastern side of Ethiopia is known for its dry processed coffees whereas West Ethiopia produces the Ghimbi coffee beans distinguished by their sharp acidity, rich and complexity of aromas and flavors.

These were some of the interesting facts of the Ethiopian coffee. We are sure that if you are a true coffee lover whenever you visit any of Ethiopia you are going to take full benefit of your trip drinking coffee and keeping these interesting facts in mind. Happy Reading!

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