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Haitian Coffee

Coffee production has been important to Haiti’s economy.  Coffee has been a principal crop since the early 18th century, when the French brought the plant to the colony, then known as Santo Dominque.  Because of economic factors, natural disasters, and weather events such as flooding and droughts, Coffee production has slowed Haitian coffee production.


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Top 10 Incredible Facts of Haitian Coffee

According to a survey, Americans drink approximately 400 million cups of coffee per day. Also, recent studies portrayed that coffee offers a variety of potential health benefits. Thus, the quality awareness among the consumers has increased rapidly in recent years. There are various countries that produce coffee beans of the highest quality and Haitian coffee is listed among the world’s largest producers.

1. History of Haitian Coffee

By 1788, Haitian coffee was accountable for half of the world’s yield of coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee production disrupted as a result of natural disasters. Haitian coffee suffered internationally, however, in 1850, coffee became the major export and Haiti developed into the world’s third largest major coffee producer.

2. Environmental Advantages

Haitian coffee suffered issues like deforestation, natural disasters, and soil erosion that adversely affected the production. However, given considerable loads on forests and land Haitian coffee is mostly shade-grown that protects the biodiversity of tropical forests. Also, it’s an important habitat for birds and plays a vital role in carbon sequestration.

3. Taste Profile

Haitian coffee grows at higher altitudes or on mountain slopes that allow it to ripen slowly allocating it time to develop a rich, smooth, and a better taste in comparison to other coffee beans. Also, Haitian coffee is loved for its aroma, texture, and acidity.

4. Social Benefits of Haitian Coffee

Haitian coffee is usually produced by small landowners that provide benefits to their families apart from the revenues such as various fruits, medicinal plants, and firewood. This coffee production enhances the community cohesion to protect their values and creates a connection between families and lands.

5. Beneficial for Economy

Haitian coffee is the major source of income that helps in meeting all the expenses. Also, production of shade-grown coffee instead of sun-grown coffee with chemical inputs is more economical.

6. Good for Health

Haitian coffee is extremely good for health as it is mostly organically grown that receives enough nutrients naturally from the land without any chemical, fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Haitian coffee renders great economical and health benefits along with better taste.

7. Packed with Antioxidants

Haitian coffee is a king of antioxidants that is readily absorbed into the human body. It fights free radicals and protect the body from various diseases like cancer, reduces wrinkles and improves the skin, controls the blood pressure levels and keeps the heart healthy.

8. Acts as an Antidepressant 

Haitian coffee is believed to act as an antidepressant that assists in enhancing the production of neurotransmitters and happy hormones and fight against depression and anxiety. It reduces the chances of suicide by 50%. Also, you can take the Haitian poorest farmers in the world out of depression.

9. Imparts Longer Life

Various research shows that Haitian coffee helps in reducing the risk of mortality. It protects the body and strengthens the immune system. It fights against various heart diseases, brain disorders, cancer, diabetes, strokes, and kidney diseases.

10. Haitian Coffee and Diabetes

Amount of caffeine present in Haitian coffee significantly reduces the insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes type II. It enhances the release of fatty acids and adrenaline. The chlorogenic acid present in coffee prevents diabetes.

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