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Honduran Coffee

Coffees grown in Honduras, generally having tasting notes describing them as full-bodied with a sweet and mild taste.  Honduran coffees run the range of soft and nutty to bright and vibrant, making them difficult to identify in blends. More often than not, brands will feature them as their own single origin coffee.


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Top 10 Unique features of the Honduras Coffee

In the recent years, Honduras was not much known for its coffee production and taste profile. This coffee was mostly used as a base for coffee blends. Presently, this coffee has gained much interest due to its improved production and taste and has become much sought after. Some unique facts about this coffee have been discussed below:

1. History of coffee in Honduras

Coffee was never originally grown in Honduras, nor did they come from Central America. It was the Spaniards who brought in here in the 1700’s from Ethiopia where shepherds used to chew coffee leaves to make them stay awake throughout the night.

2. The economic significance of Honduras coffee

Coffee in Honduras is extremely significant for their economy. In 2011, Honduras became the top exporter of coffee in Central America.

3. Honduran Coffee not branded yet

Producers in Honduras have not been able to brand their coffee as yet. Coffee in Honduras is sold in coffee cans or packets without any tagline or brand.

4. Higher elevation

It is a well-known fact amongst coffee growers and connoisseurs that coffee grown on a higher elevation gives rise to beans that are superior and denser in taste. The Strictly High grown Coffee guidelines require coffee to be grown at an altitude of 4900 to 6400 feet.

5. Climatic Conditions

Honduras is blessed with rich volcanic soil, a shady climate and adequate rainfall which makes it ideal for a successful crop and superior quality coffee beans.

6. Processing, handling, and transport

It should be strictly kept in mind that even the finest quality beans lose their luster and taste if not processed properly. Storing it incorrectly by letting it sit for weeks in warehouses which do not have proper temperature and climate control can also damage the beans beyond repair.

7. Bean picking

Picking a bean at the right time is what makes coffee expensive. If the coffee beans are picked at the ‘red-berry stage’ the taste profile and flavor can reach full maturity.

8. The retail price of Honduran coffee

Prices of coffee in Honduras depends upon its quality. Prices can vary depending upon its quality. Cheaper prices can be found in open-air markets where coffee without packaging is sold.

9. The taste profile of Honduran Coffee

Honduran coffee has an aroma which resembles vanilla or hazelnut. Its flavor can be described as a city, chocolatey and nutty. It has a medium sized and round body with an acidity which is not much high, instead is soft and balanced.

10. Starbucks reserve program

Starbucks features a coffee named as ‘Honduras premier’ in their reserve program. This coffee has a creamy texture with honey and toffee flavor and pairs well with nuts and sugary food.

Coffee in Honduras is still evolving. It is an important export product for the country but efforts must be made by the government to improve branding and trade of the product which would fetch higher prices and would be excellent for the economy.

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