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Top 10 Unique facts about coffee production in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire is a sovereign state located in West Africa. Coffee production has been integral to its economy but has not been used to its full potential. Below are some interesting facts about Ivory Coast coffee:

1. History of coffee production in Ivory Coast

French colonizers are credited with bringing coffee into Ivory Coast in the 19th century. In World War II, coffee production increased from 36,000 tonnes in 1945 to 112,500 tonnes in 1958. After its independence in 1960, coffee production peaked in the 1970s when it became the 3rd largest producer.

2. Coffee’s role in the Economy of Ivory Coast

Coffee is the second largest export product of Ivory Coast. The global ranking for production of coffee is an unimpressive 12th rank.

3. Political issues hindering Coffee growth

Coffee production and growth has been on the steady decrease due to lack of investment and planning. In March’11, the President of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo announced the nationalization of both the country’s cocoa and coffee crops, due to which these crops have suffered.

 4.  Varieties of the Coffee Crop

Ivory Coast coffee crops are mostly the low-grade robusta crops, which are more bitter and inexpensive as compared to Arabica coffee. These coffee beans can be used in blends to lower expenses.

5. How Are Coffee trees grown?

Coffee seedlings are grown in nurseries then transferred to a permanent site where they hare pruned until they reach their maximum height. Trees begin bearing at 5 years and continue to do so for 10 to 20 years.

6. Coffee harvesting in Ivory Coast

Coffee harvests take place in August and November till January, even though the trees flower several times throughout the year.

7. Coffee yields

On an average, every hectare produces around 25o kgs of coffee.

8. Ivory Coast Coffee taste profile

Ivory coast coffee is famous for its bitterness and its coarse texture, yet these qualities do not mask its flavor which is quite a wholesome experience. Arabica coffee is smoother with complex taste undertones.

9. Social coffee drinking trends in Ivory Coast

Since coffee was mostly exported abroad, locals did not really get a chance to consume and enjoy their own coffee. This situation is now changing with locals turning to enjoy their own grown coffee rather than sending it all abroad. Social cafes have also been introduced in the country with more underway.

10.Nestle’s role in coffee production in Ivory Coast

The multinational company Nestle has agreed to train 30,000 coffee farmers in Ivory Coast, with a goal of distributing 27 million plants by 2022.

The political situation in Ivory Coast has been quite damaging for the coffee production and in turn for the country’s economy. This thirst for power of the politicians should be kept in check by issuing a regulatory board of coffee which would be responsible for growth, trade, and commerce of coffee in Ivory Coast.



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