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Papua New Guinea Coffee

Coffee from Papua New Guinea is mellow and aromatically complex that sets it apart from the earthier Sumatrans and Sulawesians.

It is medium bodied with moderate acidity and broad flavor. It’s definitely one of the world’s finest and a “must taste” in your journey through the Coffees of the World!

Top 12 Best Papa New Guinea Coffees Reviewed

Bestseller No. 3
Teasia Coffee, Papua New Guinea Roasted Whole Bean, Medium Fresh Roast, 2-Pound Bag
61 Reviews
Teasia Coffee, Papua New Guinea Roasted Whole Bean, Medium Fresh Roast, 2-Pound Bag
  • SINGLE ORIGIN - 100% PAPUA NEW GUINEA COFFEE: This Indonesian coffee is cultivated in the rugged mountains of Papua New Guinea around albizza trees. Growing around these trees allow the coffee beans to capture their fruit-like essences to bring out a truly unique flavor.
  • CUPPING NOTES: Sweetly acidic with a mild-medium body of complex flavors to create a delicate smoothness to each cup. Flavors of molasses, tangy grapefruit and hazelnut and a subtle fragrance of papaya and mango.
  • PROCESSING AND ROAST LEVEL: Beans are wet-processed (or washed), where the fruit covering the beans is removed before they are dried, to ensure a clean taste and bright acidity. Our Papua New Guinea beans are then given a Medium roast by one of Teasia's artisanal roasters.
  • FRESH SPECIALTY ROASTED COFFEE: We roast all our beans in small batches using the most advanced (and environmentally friendly) technology available to develop the unique characteristics and flavor profiles of each coffee bean. All freshly roasted beans are packed and sealed within 24 hours to ensure maximum freshness and quality.
  • STORAGE AND BREWING: To preserve your beans' fresh roasted flavor for as long as possible, we recommend they be stored in an air-tight container (or very tightly seal the bag it comes in), and keep it at room temperature. Avoid light to compromise the taste of your coffee, keep them in a dark and cool location. For best results, we recommend grinding your Teasia coffee no more than 15 minutes prior to brewing!


Top 10 Characteristics of Papa New Guinea Coffee


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