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Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee originally came to Vietnam in the mid-nineteenth century when French missionaries brought Arabica trees from the island of Bourbon and planted them around Tonkin. More recently, coffee has been re-introduced and the coffee industry is growing so rapidly that Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the world’s largest producers.

Today, small plantations, located in the southern half of the country, produce mostly Robusta coffee. With light acidity and mild body with good balance, Vietnamese coffee is frequently used for blending.


Top 25 Best Vietnamese Coffees Reviewed

SaleBestseller No. 24
Copper Cow Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee – Dark Espresso Roast – 100% Ethically Sourced & Sustainably Grown (8 oz Bag)
5 Reviews
Copper Cow Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee – Dark Espresso Roast – 100% Ethically Sourced & Sustainably Grown (8 oz Bag)
  • ALL NATURAL BREW: Copper Cow specialty Vietnamese coffee is a strong, dark, full-bodied espresso with exquisite notes of mocha. Our signature blend brews beautifully using any method you prefer: pour over, drip/filter on automatic machines, cold brewed or French press. The result is an aromatic cup of coffee that is both smooth enough to drink black, and welcome to sweetening with one of our single serving condensed milk packets.
  • JOIN US IN SUPPORTING ETHICAL AGRICULTURE: We source from socially responsible, sustainable organic farms in Dalat, a scenic town nestled in the temperate Central Highlands of Vietnam. This region is renowned for its weather conditions and nutrient-rich volcanic soils that combine to create the ideal coffee growing conditions.
  • GOOD TO THE LAST GROUND: After you've enjoyed your delicious cup of Copper Cow, the coffee grounds are fully biodegradable and compostable. We encourage you to put those grounds to work in your compost pin or to fertilize your garden, and bring the cycle of sustainability full circle.
  • FROM FARM TO MUG: We handle our beans with care during their journey all the way from the high altitudes of Vietnam to your kitchen pantry. Harvested at their peak, washed, and naturally dried in the sun, the beans are kept whole with a non-oily surface. They'll arrive ready for you to freshly grind to your taste!
  • A MULTINATIONAL FLAVOR PROFILE: Our signature is upgrading traditional Vietnamese flavors with a modern California twist. We've tempered the bitter, ultra-caffeinated Robusta roast favored in Vietnam with the sweet, clean Arabica roast popular in the US specialty coffee market. The result is a single origin brew with a smooth but authentic flavor that reflects the depths of our travels and influences.

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