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Zambian Coffee

These coffees have a fine balance of full body and bright acidity but tend be a softer, less acidic version of the African coffee profile.  Zambian coffee is little known in the Specialty Coffee circles, but some outstanding varietals have emerged. has the top rated Zambian coffees below.


Top 25 Best Zambian Coffee Reviewed

Bestseller No. 4
Three Esthers Farms Medium Roast Coffee - Making Mornings Matter
13 Reviews
Three Esthers Farms Medium Roast Coffee - Making Mornings Matter
  • Make A Difference - It's not a popular as Starbucks or Peet's, as or as powerful as Death Wish Coffee. You won't find it in the grocery store like folgers, but with every cup, you're helping feed hungry kids in Lusaka Zambia.
  • Get An Emotional Kick Each Morning - Caffeine is great, but the emotional high you get by helping feed hungry kids is scientifically proven. According to USNews, it's referred to as the "Givers Glow" and it is a bio-chemical response to giving. Take a shot of that every morning!
  • SUSTAINABLE - Of course our ground coffee is grown responsibly; sourced responsibly; roasted responsibly; packaged responsibly. That's nothing new. But we take things further and give back to feed hungry children that are starving. That's true sustainability! Sustaining life!
  • Make Mornings Matter - If you wake up and guzzle down some exquisite coffee, jump in your premium sports car and go to work, but it doesn't help make a difference, have you really optimized your morning routine? Why not do it better and help the children? Fit Philanthropy into your morning ritual today!
  • Coffee That Tastes like Coffee: Let's be honest, coffee snobs might disagree, but most coffee tastes the same as other types. Your Mr. Coffee Coffee maker doesn't care what you're putting into it, neither does your Keurig Machine, or your French Press. Get this coffee, drink it, and tell your friends that you're helping make a difference with every cup of coffee that you drink.

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