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Welcome to coffeestrong.org, your ultimate guide to the world of coffee and tea. My name is Claire, the heart and soul behind this blog. 

I’m a retired barista with a deep love for all things coffee and tea. Having spent years crafting delicious beverages and exploring different beans and leaves in bustling coffee shops, I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Now, I want to share my passion with you through this platform. 

Here at coffeestrong.org, our aim is to educate and inspire. We delve into the intricate details of different types of coffee and tea, their origins, and how they’re made. We review various brands and machines, provide buying guides, and even share tips on brewing the perfect cup at home. 

From the novice coffee drinker to the expert tea connoisseur, there’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re curious about the history of coffee, looking for a new coffee-flavored cake recipe, or wondering about the best iced tea makers, we’ve got you covered. 

Join us on this journey as we unravel the magic of coffee and tea, one cup at a time. Welcome to coffeestrong.org, where every sip tells a story. 

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