Common Kitchen Issues And How To Fix Them!

The kitchen is a frequently used space in a home and a very useful one at that, but it also comes with some challenges. There are different common kitchen issues experienced by homeowners now and then. Some of these issues are very challenging, and others can easily be fixed, depending on the issue.

It is normal to encounter issues in your kitchen, especially if it is always in use. While some of these issues are unavoidable, some are caused by carelessness. A kitchen is a space that needs a lot of care and maintenance. Failure to do what is right in the kitchen can result in drastic issues.

6 Common Kitchen Issues and Their Solutions

1. Blocked kitchen sink

A blocked kitchen sink is one of the most common issues for most homeowners. This issue is caused by letting solid food residue pass through your sink’s drainage. The sink should only be used to dispose of water and other liquids. Doing otherwise will result in a blocked kitchen sink. You will need a plunger to pump air into the sink and unblock it. You can easily fix this issue if you have a plunger or a small pump. Do not hesitate to call for the assistance of a professional if the blockage persists.

2. Malfunctioning dishwasher

A malfunctioning dishwater is caused by poor maintenance, or when it is getting weary. Do not store dirty dishes in the dishwasher for long, do not overload the machine, clean thoroughly after use, and run other necessary maintenance when needed. If your dishwasher malfunctions, the best way to go about fixing it is to call in the professionals to assist you with it. Do not try to fix the dishwasher yourself if you have no experience or skill.

3. Broken pipes

A broken pipe in the kitchen comes with a lot of work. Once a water pipe breaks, water spills, and this can mess up the kitchen and some other parts of the house if not properly handled. If you are ever faced with the challenge of a broken pipe, your first step should be to find a way to stop the spillage. You can contain the leak by tying the pipe with a piece of cloth or any usable item. Next, try to wipe off the already spilt water. Lastly, call for a professional plumber. Locating professional plumbers in some areas like Florida is a bit difficult, but it is achievable. If you reside in Florida, the best way to get a professional plumber for your broken pipe is by searching online. Making the right searches on the internet can lead you to the best plumber in Orange County. Do not attempt to repair the issue yourself if you do not have the skill or experience to fix a broken pipe.

4. Greasy surfaces

Greasy surfaces are part of the unavoidable issues in the kitchen. This issue is often caused by the splash of oil from meals while preparing them. Oil splashes are worse when trying to fry chips or other food items. The worst effect of greasy surfaces is that they are like dirt magnets, and they can make the kitchen messy. The best solution to this issue is to immediately clean all surfaces with oil splashes on them. The longer you leave the greasy surfaces, the more difficult they become to wipe off.

5. Stuck drawers

Most people will agree that experiencing the stuck drawer issue in the kitchen is the most annoying challenge faced in the kitchen. Well, it is normal for a drawer to get stuck, especially if you use it frequently. The solution is quick and easy. All you need to do is remove the drawer completely, wash the runners, and finally, add a few drops of household lubricants to the runner. This procedure will make the drawer open and close freely for a long time.

6. Lighting issues

Cooking is a task that requires as much light as possible. You can easily make mistakes while cooking if you lack the proper lighting. Insufficient light in the kitchen is one of the biggest issues for homeowners. The solution to this issue is straightforward. Install brighter lights for your kitchen.


As a homeowner, you should prioritize health and safety by ensuring your kitchen is always in great condition. Ensure that repairs are made if damage is noticed, clean your kitchen thoroughly after use, and ensure that your countertops are always organized. Avoiding the challenges faced in the kitchen is not easy, but it is achievable. Just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.


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