How To Choose An All-In-One Coffee Maker 

Why suit yourself with just one style of coffee when you can have more with an all in one coffee maker.  Having this device will make you realize you’re missing out a lot on your coffee experience because you’re stuck with your good old-fashioned coffee maker.

So, if you want to bring your daily coffee experience a notch higher, and add more flavor into the blend, then get yourself the best all in one coffee machine.

To save you from troubles when choosing which one to buy, let me help you streamline your options by knowing the qualities of a stellar all in one coffee machine.

What Makes a Great All-in-one Coffee Machine

In a sea of all-in-one coffee machines, one can easily get lost and just pick up the most pretty-looking or the cheapest product there is. Buying any product this way, especially if it’s coffee makers, is a sure way to experience disappointment later.

Before you buy any combination coffee maker, make sure they have the following features.


Modern-day coffee makers are revolutionized, and they now come with more features, one of which is a grinder. Imagine what a hassle it is to have a separate grinder and coffee maker, and each sits on your countertop, consuming space. But with a coffee maker that comes with a grinder, you get the convenience of two machines in one. It saves you space in your kitchen. But more than saving space, having a grinder means you can prepare your bean just before brewing, which is an essential element in a great-tasting coffee. Without a readily available grinder, you’ll have to grind more beans that are meant for more than a single preparation and store them for later use. Doing so leads to bean deterioration and a surefire way to spoil your next coffee experience. So, if you think a grinder isn’t important to match a coffee maker, think again.


Now, this is where our coffee maker can get truly exciting when it features a frother! Imagine all the things you can do with your coffee maker all in one that’s equipped with a frother. Even if you don’t like your coffee foamy, surely, someone in your family does. Or if you have friends coming by for a talk, wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them with a froth-layered coffee top? You can achieve this using an all-in-one coffee maker with a frother. The last part is essential.


But it’s not enough that your coffee maker comes with a frother. To make the foam richer and creamier, the coffee maker must provide enough pressure, and it can only be achieved with a 15 BAR pump. BAR is how pressure is measured, and some coffee makers have lower BAR. So, take note of this when shopping for a combination coffee maker.

How Many Drinks Can it Make?

“The more, the merrier” holds true for all-in-one coffee makers. Imagine being able to prepare your espresso, latte, cappuccino, and other drinks using a single machine at the comfort of your home. Some brands even allow making teas! This feature is the ultimate pride of any all-in-one coffee maker, as it is its very essence. Without this feature, any coffee maker that claims to be all-in-one is a scam, and you just have to keep scrolling as it’s not worth the money you’ll invest.

Pre-program Settings

We aren’t done yet with what can go with your coffee maker. There are certainly more features to talk about. Let’s shine a light on pre-programmed settings. This component allows you to produce consistent-tasting drinks because it determines the blend and strength in each drink. This is another must-have setting in your all in one coffee maker.


An all in one coffee maker is a pleasure to have at home or in your office. After all, coffee with its satisfying taste and sensual aroma is a great way to calm down the nerves and to get you productive. Your investment for this device will surely be worth it.  


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