Lavazza Single Origin Kilimanjaro Coffee Review

The description on the coffee bag says the coffee has an intensity of 7, on a scale from 1 to 10.  I love the idea of putting the intensity level on the bag with a number, it’s much more descriptive to me. 

February be we should all follow this rule and use it more in everyday life. “Hey, Jack, how you doing today?” “I’m a 7 today Bob.”  “You are a 7?” “Yesterday you were an 8.5, and before lunch you said you were a 9 plus.” “Did you hear what I just heard Lisa? Jack is only a 7 today. I’d steer clear of him now, he’s in meetings until noon and his blood sugar will be low by then, so he’ll easily be a 6 just before lunch and you know what he’s like when he’s a 6 just before lunch, right?”

Okay maybe the number thing isn’t the best idea for people, but let’s see how it works for coffee.  These people at Lavazza are pretty smart, the company has been around for 120 years, so they must be doing something right.


There’s a reason this company has been roasting coffee for 120 years and it’s apparent in this coffee. The description of the coffee on the bag and from several other reviews I’ve read online says it’s crisp with some sweetness, and I definitely agree.


The coffee roast is a medium roast coffee. Most Lavazza medium roast coffee I have had in the past tastes a little more heavy than a traditional medium roast, this coffee isn’t heavy, even though I’ve used a French Press to brew the coffee.


The coffee aroma is fragrant with a beautiful floral element. I get a hint of something that smells a little like cracked pepper too.


The body is medium with a hint of crispness, it’s not heavy. I would have thought an Italian roast coffee from Lavazza would be a little more heavy but it’s not


Sweetness is there for just a touch. Descriptions I’ve read have said there’s a slight cherry flavor and I can just barely get that.  There is a tiny bit of cocoa here too, but not sweet.


The acidity in this coffee is medium, it’s what I would typically expect from a Italian medium roast. It would certainly pair very nicely with an almond or chocolate biscotti.  Now I’m hungry.


The feel is balanced and a little sour, but not in a bad way.  Again that reference to cherries is accurate, it’s got that same interesting component to it.


The finish is silky smooth and clean.  This coffee is great by itself but I think if you were to pair it up with something a little sweet that the sweetness of the food and the crispness of the coffee would compliment each other very well.


This is a solid coffee, that pairs excellent with food.  It might even be a better choice for dinner or dessert since it’s not too dark and heavy and the acidity and crispness really work well with food.

  • Balanced nicely
  • Silky finish for a medium body coffee


One unfortunate thing I’m realizing as I keep tasting this coffee.  As it gets a little cooler I’m getting more of that cherry taste and it’s making my mouth water more.  I usually drink my coffee hot all the time, so if you are drinking this coffee and its begins to cool a bit and the flavor becomes a little more crisp, don’t be surprised.


The Lavazza Single Origin Kilimangaro coffee is an good choice for a medium roast coffee.  It pairs nicely with food on the sweeter side.  I particularly enjoyed the medium roast.  The folks at Lavazza know what they are doing.  Give this coffee a try on your next shopping trip, it’s certainly worth a taste. 

P.S. Someone get Jack a biscotti and a cup of this coffee and he’ll be back in the 9 range fast.   Enjoy the day!


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