Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Review

Some families have special traditions, and growing up in my family we had one tradition that was strictly practiced every year without hesitation.  I’m speaking of Valentine’s Day and the infamous bumpy chocolate cake. Go ahead, fire up Google, Bing or Yahoo and type in those magical keywords, “Chocolate Bumpy Cake” and hit Enter.

The “bumpy’ was awesome, it was a symbol of pure love, encased neatly in a pristine white cardboard box with a window on top.  The window was key, because you have to see the bumps, otherwise it was just another chocolate cake. The nice stiff white cardboard box gave you the feeling this cake was some serious confectionary art, worthy of such an important container.  And be careful when you open the box, don’t damage any of those bumps!

When you looked at those bumps, those beauties were standing so tall and majestic, like mini butter cream Himalaya Mountains of buttercream bliss, just waiting to take your taste buds to Valhallla and your liver into an LDL cholesterol production spike that would look like the RPM gauge on a Formula One car going completely into the red before the engine blows . 

We had one every year.  No seriously, Dad never skipped a year, ever.  I think he was dreaming of ‘bumpy’ the night before, maybe weeks or even months.  Februarybe he had a secret calendar somewhere that we didn’t know about that had the date circled in red magic maker each year and he counted down the days. It’s his secret, I’ll let him keep it, I’m just saying; Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, “bumpy”…..every year!

If you are so lucky as to be able to procure one of these beautiful cakes, I’d suggest indulging yourself completely and drinking a coffee that’s worthy of such an occasion.

So, today I will be reviewing one of my favorite coffee’s with the “bumpy”, Lavazza Super Crema Medium Espresso Roast. 


Lavazza Super Crema Medium Espresso Roast


The coffee roast is a medium roast coffee.  They make coffee bean and ground coffee products for this roast so if you don’t have grinder if you want to try this amazing coffee. However the whole freshly ground option does give the taste a little more kick, and is certainly a necessity for Espresso, Cappaccino and Latte’s.


The coffee aroma is beautiful, and has a nice nutty scent with deep smoke.


The body is medium, a standard medium roast and medium body. It’s an espresso roast but not too bold.


I can sense a little nut and caramel in the coffee but almost no sweetness.


The acidity is perfect for a medium roast to me. It’s got great balance and doesn’t have that sour, bitter flavor you can get with other espresso roast coffee blends.


The feel is smooth, and velvety. I’m drinking this as black coffee but if this was used for Cappaccino or Cafe Latte it would be even more amazing.


The finish is excellent.  I love this coffee because it’s so smooth and easy. It’s got great finesse and a lovely taste at the end.


  • True medium roast coffee
  • Smooth, velvety and not too intense
  • Excellent on it’s own as black coffee, but even better in cream or milk


Nothing, I love everything about this coffee.


Lavazza always delivers, just like Dad did with the ‘bumpy’. It’s a great coffee and it’s even better if you’ve got a little something sweet to go with it.  Give it a shot with your next dessert or sweet breakfast pastry.  Who knows maybe you will start your very own tradition?  Enjoy!


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