Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Review

I know what you are saying, or at least I think I do.  “Wow, a review of the big dog, the best coffee in the world, the most expensive coffee in the world”  Go big or go home, or in this case, go into the next door neighbors home (via the back wall in our garage).  Okay, you’re right, but this isn’t 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, it’s a blend, so please keep that in mind as you read so there is no confusion.

Today, I chose this coffee review to speak a little about patience and form. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is known for it’s outstanding quality, incredible rich, smooth characteristics, and incredible coffee aroma. This type of quality and these characteristics don’t come from pulling the coffee beans off the branch willy-nilly and throwing them in some garbage bag, then tossing them on to a dirty truck bed and exposing them to God knows what before the coffee roasting process. 

No, no, no, they are carefully harvested by hand, treated with care and tenderness, that way if there’s any risk of damaging them between harvesting the coffee beans and completing the roasting process, it’s limited to a very small chance.

My wife, at this time, is not known for her incredible smoothness when it comes to parking in the garage.  I know, you can remind me again that we have a solid wooden bed foot board between the inside of the garage and the garage wall.  We have cardboard boxes stacked in front of the bed frame to use as a guide to stop before hitting them.  Does this stop her from slowly pulling into the garage and gently approaching the back wall?  She would say, yes, my blood pressure would say no.

I’ve tried to convince her that parking in the garage is like pouring a fine wine or making a beautiful french press of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  You don’t charge right in like a screaming child running into the house, you ease into it, nice and smooth, nice and easy. 

Why do we do it this way my Romanian Princess? It’s simple, because in the unlikely, but certainly possible event you misjudge or become distracted, we have to deal with a small ding on the new car, and a little paint on the garage wall, instead of a structural engineer, our insurance agent, the neighbors insurance agent, a home construction contractor, housing inspectors, permits, etc. etc. etc.   I need a cup of coffee!

Smoothness baby, nice and easy, take your time and read today’s coffee review, savor it. Today’s coffee review is Magnum Exotics Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press

Coffee Water Temperature

200 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

Coffee Filter


Coffee Roast

This is a medium roast coffee of 100% Arabica Coffee Beans that are sourced from the Caribbean, and Central America.

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is nice and rich I can tell it’s gonna been a good one baby!  The coffee gods are smiling.

Coffee Body

The body of the coffee is smooth and rich, but different from most of the coffee I usually drink.  It has a much cleaner flavor and the body isn’t big like a darker roast, or even a medium roast, it’s very subtle.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee has slight sweetness, since it’s a lighter tasting coffee.

Coffee Acidity

The acidity level is medium on this coffee, but no harshness.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee has a great mouthfeel.  It’s starts out smooth and silky and just keeps going and going. Smooth like Shaft baby!

Coffee Finish

The finish on the coffee is clean, very balanced and impressive.  I enjoy the smallest hint of earth on my palate after drinking and resting


This coffee is a winner.  It’s not a crazy big coffee and it’s not your traditional medium body everyday standby.  This coffee is one I could seriously consider drinking everyday (if I could afford it).  Wait! Everyday, smooth, silky nice and easy, this is the perfect metaphor for parking in the garage.  February be this coffee will convince her to slow down a little, take her time and just let it it happen.   I’ll keep you updated……


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