Starbucks Coffee Sumatra Dark Roast Coffee Review 

I have a problem.  It started about a year ago and it’s been getting worse lately.  Actually I need to rephrase…WE have a problem, that is, my beautiful wife and I.  She keeps breaking coffee cups.  There I said it. Yesterday she got out of the car and crash, I heard it off in the distance, and then some loud Romanian words that sounded like “Chowzu Voot Back Zit Mother******!”

Now normally I wouldn’t be concerned, but we are on something like #4 for the year and I like my coffee cups.  I like going into the cupboard each morning to see my little friends waiting for me.  “Baby, you gotta stop killing all my little friends!” I know it’s a good excuse to find more little friends. I could even make it into a gift idea for Valentines Day. “Here baby, I got you these beautiful coffee cups.” I’ve seen some of the best coffee cup designs on the internet.  I don’t know what to do, this has to stop, maybe we need a “sit down”

Enough about my problems and onto our best coffee review of all time.  I need a strong dark blend today to help my current separation anxiety issues as I try to type into Google Translate what sounded like Chowzu Voot Back Zit Mother******

So today, the coffee review for January 25, 2021 is Starbucks Coffee Sumatra Dark Roast

Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press

Coffee Water Temperature

200 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

I use our AICOK Stainless Steel Kettle to boil the water in under 2 minutes

Coffee Filter


Coffee Roast

This is a dark roast coffee

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is big on this bag of ground coffee. It has heavy earthy coffee, and dark aromas of smoky sod, mud and swamp (seriously it smells a little like a swamp, but in a good way).

Coffee Body

The body of the coffee is big, it’s bold, it’s like Wilt Chamberlain met Rosie O’Donnell in a dark alley and they decided to have a super child of height, weight and aggressive behavior.  There’s a big bad image here and it’s something you need to pay attention to whether you like it or not.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee is a little sweet to me, just a little.  There is a little sweet spice to it, almost like the taste you would first get from a small amount of sriracha when it first hits your tongue.

Coffee Acidity

The acidity level is medium high on this coffee.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee has a smooth feel with a slight hint of crispness.  I would have expected this to be a little more rich, but I’m getting more of some type of citrus or floral flavor at the very end, which surprises me, but it’s not a bad thing.

Coffee Finish

The finish on the coffee is long and big, you can taste the earth, you can taste a slight hint of that mineral component and the muddy swamp, but it’s very enjoyable and has a nice balanced taste on my palate.


If we continue at this rate I’ll be drinking coffee straight from the carafe by Christmas, She’s gotta get some help, or I’m gonna be yelling “Chowzu Voot Back Zit Mother******!”, very soon.

OK I’ve had this coffee in the past and it’s always been one that I’ve enjoyed more in the colder months because it’s so dark and bold.  I do know there are many people who enjoy blending this coffee with other Starbucks blends to give the more medium bodied coffee a little more kick.  It’s a solid coffee and it’s a great value which is what Starbucks is all about.  I can’t stress enough though that the French Press makes this a much more enjoyable experience, so if you have a press, take the opportunity to use it with this coffee.


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