Folgers Noir Rich Satin Coffee Review

So we were shopping last night. Actually let me rephrase that; she was shopping, and I was pushing the sticky handle of the shopping cart around the store looking for interesting coffee to try as I contemplated how long it would be before I hand a full blown case of Corona Virus. Do they serve coffee in the quarantined area of the ICU unit?  Needless to say, stock up on Purell now baby! ( I buy it by the case).

So, the variety of coffee at the local supermarkets in my area is pretty standard.  There are a few expensive coffees, many more midrange coffee brands, and then there are the standard classic coffee brands that go back all the way to the time of the black and white TV and phones with cords. I call these the old school coffee brands. You know the one’s that used to be made in percolators and the best Mr. Coffee makers back in the 1970’s.

As a tribune to these old school masters of coffee beans, I have decided that this morning I will be taking a walk down the memory lane of coffee and reviewing coffee from one the largest coffee companies in North America, Folgers Coffee.  Yes, you heard it right, you remember the jingle, it just played in your head like the theme to I Love Lucy.  “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”. So strap yourself in for the best coffee review about Folgers coffee that you’ve ever read.

Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster

Coffee Water Temperature

201 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

Coffee Filter

Melitta No. 4 Coffee Filter

Coffee Roast

Folgers Noir Rich Satin is a dark roast coffee sourced from beans from Latin America. The coffee roast is heavy, smooth and balanced here that provides a level of richness and deep flavor and makes this coffee very enjoyable.

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is a little heavy with a little chocolate and some cocoa.  The Folgers Coffee page says this is a rich smooth coffee but doesn’t discuss the aroma characteristics too much. The coffee aroma isn’t very deep on this coffee and it’s what I expected.

Coffee Body

The coffee is full bodied but compared to some more expensive brands it’s not a big full bodied coffee. If you enjoy a more full, stronger coffee you might need to compensate by using a little more volume when making the coffee.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee sweetness is subtle, I can hardly taste a slight bittersweet chocolate taste but it’s very slight to me.

Coffee Acidity

The coffee acidity is medium and not too high for a dark roast. I like the fact it’s not high in acid, which makes it taste like a coffee that might be a little more expensive.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee mouthfeel is slightly rich and smooth but definitely not heavy.

Coffee Finish

The coffee finish is clean and balanced. The finish might leave some disappointed if they are expecting a longer duration on the palate.


Folgers Coffee has a long history in the United States going back to the 1800’s, they are old school in terms of coffee.  The Folgers Noir Rich Satin isn’t the traditional standard Folgers coffee but it’s interesting and is still a good choice if you are looking for the consistency of the Folgers brand with a little more depth and richness and coffee flavor.  Is this coffee going to shock and awe you when you drink it?  The answer is probably no, however it is still a coffee worth considering if you are interested in getting a great value.  Like the timeless simplicity of I Love Lucy, this coffee brand will continue to remain a coffee legacy.


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