Is It Worth Traveling To Buy A Car?

As we see the car industry get more and more up to date in gas regulations and the people’s desire to join in in the effort to make a difference when fighting climate change, certain well-beloved gas-powered models have become increasingly difficult to find. Whether you are a fan of 1967 Impalas or old 1955 Cadillacs, you know finding parts and even the car itself can be tricky nowadays. This raises a lot of questions for people about whether it is worth it to look further away to find these great models that haven’t been produced in more than half a century now. So, before you hit the road or even take the plane to find your favorite gas guzzler, let’s see if it is worth traveling to buy these beloved cars.

While many may think it’s counterintuitive to go further away from home to find the right vehicle, for many it’s become an ever-present reality. Even for those who aren’t collectors, the reality is that because of an increasing shortage of semiconductors caused by the massive shutdowns during covid, cars have become harder to buy. China is a massive producer of semiconductors and they have seen a more drastic approach to dealing with covid causing many work stoppages and a prioritizing of their markets before exportation. So many car manufacturers have had many issues producing cars at a steady rhythm as they often lack the components for the electronic components that are now ever present in all types of cars. We’ve seen companies like Tesla especially struggle to deliver on promised models and delivery waves reordered years in advance.

So, it comes down to choosing what you prefer, being on a long waitlist for a new car, or looking for a used one. The issue is that even when it comes to used cars, the selection has shrunk as many people are waiting longer before changing their cars and the prices have risen a lot during the pandemic. Sometimes it then becomes inevitable that you will have to expand the range of your search for a new vehicle and maybe have to do more research than you would have in the past. If you are looking for a specific model it will become a bit more difficult as well and sometimes traveling will become the only way to acquire a certain vehicle or even any vehicle at all.

If you are a collector, it will become soon evident that to find the perfect model of your dreams with the right specs and the right color it might be needed to travel a lot further than a few hours away in a car. Many people do not care if they have to pursue a car purchase in Hagen, London, or even Moscow as long as they find the car they want. This is of course mostly a question of how much money you are ready to spend to find the car of your dream. Often this will require container renting and transport of your vehicle by boat meaning months of wait following your foreign purchase. But for those with the money, it is a worthwhile investment to add the perfect piece to their collection. Of course, there is also the reality that certain car companies and cars never worked in certain regions like America or Europe depending on which company we are talking about.

As you can see traveling can be worth it depending on what reasons you have to want to change your vehicle. While some travel purchases as a luxury, others have grown to be privy to this reality through circumstances out of their hands. One can hope that as the economic effects of the economy subside, we will see an increase in car deliveries soon. But the reality is much more complicated than this as semiconductors have become the lifeblood of the technological economy of today. China holding a lot of cards in this deal might mean the US and Europe will have to become fairer trade partners to the red giant in hopes to keep vehicle production rolling and in the same breath our economy which relies a lot on these giant companies. Only time will tell what future is reserved for car manufacturers.


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