Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo Review

Sometimes you just need to mix it up a bit in your coffee life.  You can’t fall into a coffee rut, its dangerous, really bad things can happen.  I fell into a coffee rut once and it almost killed my coffee spirit. I started wearing one of these shirts around the house and making funny noises.  I was in a bad place and I had to break free.  How could I break out though?

Thank goodness for the peeps over at Peet’s Coffee. You see these clever dudes and dudettes realized this could happen from time to time and there had to be some kind of tool to help break out of the rut.  Ladies and gentlemen, that tool is the absolutely amazing Find Your Taste tool.  You simply click, tap, etc. on a couple of your favorite flavors, answer a few questions, and wiz, bang, poof, the coffee genie gives you the best Peet’s Coffee from your favorite flavors profile.  The artificial intelligence engine inside the supercomputer at Peet’s Coffee gives you the cure to get out of your coffee rut almost instantly. This is cutting edge coffee technology folks and I used it the other day to break out of my rut.

So, what did Peet’s Coffee Find Your Taste tool compute? What did all those 1’s and 0’s floating inside the cyber abyss of silicon discover? 

Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press

Coffee Water Temperature

201 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

I used our AICOK Stainless Steel Kettle to boil the water in under a minute

Coffee Filter


Coffee Roast

Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo is a medium- dark roast coffee sourced from beans from Latin America. The coffee roast is bit heavy for a medium roast but there’s a balance here that compensates for the heavy flavor and makes this coffee very enjoyable.

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is slightly heavy with hints of dark chocolate.  Peet’s Coffee page says this has more of a toffee aroma, but I’m not getting any toffee on the nose. There is also a faint hint of some sweetness as well.

Coffee Body

The coffee is medium bodied and a very solid overall taste. There is some subtle richness to the body but nothing over the top.  It’s a pretty standard medium body effort and solid in terms of taste.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee sweetness is subtle and I almost get a slight taste of bittersweet chocolate but the balance is such that it’s not too much bittersweet coffee flavor.

Coffee Acidity

The coffee acidity is medium to medium high similar to what you would expect from a medium roast coffee.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee mouthfeel is slightly rich but not heavy, the nose tricked me into thinking this was a bolder coffee, but it is more medium roast on the mouth . As the coffee cools a bit the rich coffee flavor faded and the finish was a little more flat,  as I would expect from most coffee.

Coffee Finish

The coffee finish is clean and balanced and a little refined. It’s a good but not incredible (but I wasn’t expecting incredible).


Peet’s Coffee is known for it’s freshness and this coffee certainly didn’t disappoint in that regard. I need a savior to break me free of my rut and with the help of Peet’s Find Your Taste Tool and Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo I think this just may have been the answer to all my problems. This coffee is a great everyday go to option, and based on reading several coffee reviews online, I’ve read about many people using this coffee to blend with Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend to create a unique coffee.  Either way, grab your favorite Biscotti and pour a cup and enjoy!


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