Starbucks Morning Joe Coffee Review

Saturday, yeah, it’s here, finally.  You know, the day you wait for all week to enjoy catching up on all the things you didn’t have time to do, or didn’t want to do, during the week. The weather is still a little chilly, but enjoyable and it’s been a busy few days, so I decided today’s coffee review would focus on a long time favorite and very popular blend from the coffee monster, Starbucks Coffee.  Today I will be making Starbucks Morning Joe Gold Coast.

I have decided to opt out of drip coffee for a press instead, but I don’t have the coffee beans so I’m going to use the ground coffee straight from the bag.  “Yeah, I know, standard ground coffee in a french press, you are a complete fool bro!”, said the little man in my head, but I don’t have the beans, and I’m craving a press this morning, so I’m gonna wing it and just go for it.  Okay, ready?  Let’s let her rip!  Here…..we….go!

Coffee Maker

Bodum Chambord French Press

Coffee Water Temperature

202 Degrees Fahrenheit / 94 Degree Celsius

I used our AICOK Stainless Steel Kettle to boil the water in under a minute (P.S. I LOVE this for boiling water, thanks Jane!)

Coffee Filter


Coffee Roast

Starbucks Morning Joe is a dark roast coffee sourced primarily from 100% arabica beans from Indonesia with some beans from Latin America added to the blend. The coffee roast is considered to be similar to an Italian roast, which brings out the more heavy flavor.

Coffee Aroma

The coffee aroma is heavy with hints of stout and cocoa.  I get a slight hint of sweetness but its barely there.  This is  ground coffee so I think I would get a little more sweetness on the nose if I had used a coffee grinder and fresh coffee beans.

Coffee Body

The coffee is full bodied and it certainly tastes best at that 190 degree Fahrenheit temperature.  The french press is also giving it an added kick and level of complexity.  I’ve had this ground coffee many times before in our Bonavita and it’s delicious, but coming from a press makes me appreciate this coffee even more. I love the balance of this coffee, that’s probably the best thing about it, it’s very clean tasting and embraces all the classic characteristics of an Italian roast at a more expensive price point.

Coffee Sweetness

The coffee sweetness is subtle.  I sense a little bittersweet chocolate and maybe a tiny bit of milk chocolate. It’s got a great flavor profile, the coffee roaster earned his paycheck with this blend and roast.

Coffee Acidity

The coffee acidity is medium to medium high similar to what you would expect from an Italian roast coffee.

Coffee Mouthfeel

The coffee mouthfeel is slightly rich, again the French Press is giving it a little more mojo than a traditional drip coffee maker. As the coffee cools a bit the richness is fading as I would expect from any coffee.

Coffee Finish

The coffee finish is clean, balanced and refined. Most of the darker coffee roasts usually give me a heavier feeling on the finish, this coffee does not have a heavy finish to me.


Starbucks used to call this the Gold Coast Blend, but changed the name for marketing purposes some years ago. Regardless of what you call it, it’s a solid everyday coffee for anyone that likes a darker roast, but doesn’t want the heaviness of a Sumatra or Sulawesi blend. The coffee offers a great value for the money which is probably why it’s so popular.  I do think buying this coffee ground doesn’t do it justice. You will be more satisfied if you buy the coffee beans and use a coffee grinder and french press, since the fresh ground coffee and french press crank the taste and experience up another notch or two.


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